This article was originally published in Edition (8) of Prayer Magazine,  Oct-Dec 2006.

Lately I have been thinking about the impact of those who are seasoned preachers and have studied the scriptures for decades.  I am coming more and more to the conclusion that these mature voices should be listened to – Selwyn Hughes is such a person.  This DVD and study guide will stimulate, inform, inspire and challenge. With depth and passion it will move you to pray.  Its practical lessons are easy to grasp and the user is left with ‘know how’.

It is best used within a group situation where there is encouragement and desire to spur each other on.   I was personally challenged by a Hughes’ comments on ‘humility’ and its role in prayer.  Citing Moses, Hughes offers a brilliant insight into true humility as fully obeying God’s word despite the circumstances and difficulties.

Hughes passion for revival is infectious.  Whether I experience revival in the historical understanding I believe that in applying his lessons I will continue to deepen my prayer life and relationship with God.  The rest is up to Him…

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