This article was originally published in Edition (8) of Prayer Magazine,  Oct-Dec 2006.

First printed in 1993 as ‘Explaining Intercession’, ‘Standing in the Gap’ is a refreshing revision. Johannes Facius develops his theme in an easy, devotional style drawing upon his experience in pastoral ministry to illustrate his key principles. A short work designed for small group study but also an inspiration to the solo reader.

Serving us with useful Biblical references to the prophets and New testament church, Facius chooses his chapter titles to entice the aspiring intercessor whilst adopting a no-holds barred honesty about the potential personal cost as ‘sacrifice and risk’ in his opening chapter.

Covering his definition of ‘standing in the gap’, the ‘dynamics of intercession’, ‘prophetic intercession’, ‘being available’, ‘confidence and trust’ and the ‘power tools for prayer’ he provides a start-up manual for intercessory prayer whilst challenging the veterans.

Particularly noteworthy is the early chapter on ‘principles of the body’ challenging the pathological tendency of some churches to pray only for themselves! A champion of corporate prayer Facius reminds us that according to the New Testament the promises God gives to his people who pray ‘with one accord’ are much greater than those given to individuals.

His closing chapter on the ‘purpose of intercession’ is worth a follow up book in its own right. His primary focus on the priority of praying for those in authority is pertinent in our current climate of world-wide terrorism.

A practical and heart-warming call to intercession by a man who aspires to do what he says. Although not a theological treatise it does provide a bible–inspired study taster useful for all Christians including preachers looking for good sermon material!  

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