This article was originally published in Edition (7) of Prayer Magazine,  Jul-Sep 2006.


Community Transformation in Rhondda, South Wales is already happening!   In the heart of what used to be coal mining Wales.   Then of course the mines closed, unemployment, sickness, and depression became the norm, that was until God spoke.    From a project still less than five years old, which seeks to put a Christian witness in front of every Child, every Day until Jesus returns, much ground has been gained, thousands of prayer warriors are praying for these Valley’s and already there are tangible signs of change.

This was recently spoken of by one of the Head Teachers of a participating secondary schools!

‘All the Sporting Marvels workers in both the secondary and primary schools are experiencing great favour with the school staff and children. Many of the children’s lives have been significantly impacted forever, as they have made Godly choices through the workers’ influence. Several have made Jesus Lord of their lives in the various after schools clubs. One of the workers took two assemblies, covering all year groups; both times the children broke into spontaneous applause after his inspiring message. The Head remarked that he had never before seen this in all his years of teaching!’

The fervent prayers of the strong prayer warrior army are powerful and effective and availing much!

In the secondary schools, the Sporting Marvels workers work alongside the PE Dept., teaching sport, they also take assemblies, Christian Unions and after schools events. In the Primary schools, the workers teach from the ‘Mighty Marvels work-out Books’, which are Bible-based, colourful, fun, but thought provoking, teaching Godly character and right choices. The Primary schools workers also teach sport and take after schools clubs.

The workers drive up to the schools in their identical fleet of cars which boldly proclaim, ‘Jesus is Lord!’ They wear their tracksuits with the Sporting Marvels logo identifying them clearly – but everyone recognizes them instantly anyway! They are truly Kingdom of God ambassadors and superb role models for every child.  The workers are from all around the world, and are here acting as missionaries to the Rhondda, with the prayer backing of approx. 8000 people also from around the world, under the banner of the Delta Force Prayer Network.  The goal is to see 33,000 prayer warriors praying, that’s one for each home!

Sporting Marvels have just appointed two more schools workers, bringing the total to eight. Rebecca and Matt, from the US start later in the year; Zach from the US the most recent worker started in May 2006. Matt will bring a different flavour to the work – he is a skateboarder and a motorbike stunt rider, so goodness knows what he’ll be upto.

Delta Force 33k, the prayer warrior army, have also appointed more personnel. I have recently joined as the prayer director, and we now have National Prayer Co-ordinators in Tanzania, Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi and Ghana. Six of the East African representatives recently came to the Rhondda for the first Delta Force Prayer Conference.

We are believing for wholesale community transformation, a transformation of hearts and minds, and also of the physical community, with Christians establishing businesses, working in Schools, engaging with the social issues in the area, and to keep doing that until there is total and absolute change – some people might say ‘make no small plan in this room’, we are saying ‘make no small plan in this region’.  

If you want to get on board as a prayer warrior with us, we would love to hear from you.

Rhondda will never be the same!

Patti Moys


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