This article was originally published in Edition (7) of Prayer Magazine,  Jul-Sep 2006.


Meeting people where they are is the message of Clive Cornish the Father of two that has recently completed his second major walk across Wales.  During 2003/4 Clive walked across Wales with a big wooden cross, stopping to connect with people as he went, simply sharing the Love and message of Jesus.  This walk is no different as he has walked in a circle from Cardiff to Fishguard in the West, up through to Holyhead, across East to Bangor and then back down through Newtown and Brecon back to Cardiff.  The whole journey taking approx. 5 weeks.

CLIVE REPORTS : ‘Non Christians have brought energy drink and food to help and often we are asked into their homes for a cup of tea. I have sat and cried with men still hurting over marriage break up’s, a loss of a job and simply needing a kind word to help them on in life. We have had abuse given to us and been blessed as we have been able to share the love of God with those giving the abuse, often the tables turn and God has victory’.

Prayer has been a central focus in the journey as people have been profoundly moved by Clives offer to pray for them, and a growing team of people have been praying for Clive as he moved from place to place.

24-7 Prayer  Launch a UK Website.

The global prayer movement 24-7 have recently launched a UK focus website. Its aim is to bring home the reality of what is going on with 24-7 in and around the UK.   The international website now has links to other site developed in Canada, France, Germany, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA & Australia.  The UK website will strengthen the every growing popularity of a simple concept.  Find a room, create a praying schedule, let people creatively pray, register your 24-7 prayer time onto the website and see what happens. 

The address of the UK version of the 24-7 website is :

Calling All Nations

Renouned British worship leader Noel Richards is calling for the youth of Europe to Gather in Berlin Stadium on July 15th.

‘Calling All Nations will be a truly historic gathering. We are calling the youth of the world and the young at heart to come and worship in this great and strategic city of Berlin. Never before have so many people from all over the world gathered together like this. Never before have such a global team of worship leaders and musicians come together to serve in this way. This will be a unique event and I encourage you not to miss it’.  Noel Richards

The event is bringing together a huge line up of international worship leaders, including, Delirious, Reuben Morgan, Brian Doerksen, David Ruis, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Sue Rinaldi, Graham Kendrick, Dave Bilborough, Chris Bowater and Godfrey Birtill.

The day quite literally has the potential to become the biggest worship single event the world has ever seen.  For more information visit the website Tickets available online.  Hurry as flights from Britain and Ireland must surely be filling up for this event.

Prayer Week draws Presidents wife in Burundi to pray for Nation

Prayer Week which we covered heavily during the last edition of Prayer Magazine, saw meetings and reports come from all over the world as Christian prayed with Christian, Church prayed with Church and Nation prayed with Nation.

With a simple message, prayer week is what you make it, there were literally thousands of events, from 550 people being involved in Prayer Walking across the county of Derbyshire (England), School meetings on Anglesey (Wales), Prayer Breakfasts in Bromsgrove (England), a Creative Prayer room established for the week in York, A Prayer & Praise day in France.

In Burundi (Africa) The wives of the President and Vice President came together to pray for each other and the nation, (See pictures enclosed).

In Cannes the home of the annual Cannes, Film Festival, believers walked around the town, proclaiming the purposes of God in prayer.

In Wales, a group of believers for the third year running left their homes for a prayer walk around the hills of Brecon, praying for and blessing the farms, homes and churches along the way.

Prayer Week has become an integral part of the Church calendar for church of all denominations and the great news is in 2007 the Prayer Week sits right between a Trumpet Call event at the NEC and ends in the Global Day of Prayer.


19th May                      Trumpet Call at the NEC

20th – 27th May            Prayer Week                  

27th May                      Global Day of Prayer    


Weekly Prayer Alert Email service launched in UK

Operating under the Prayer Association of the British Isles and Ireland, Prayer Alert, is a careful researched weekly email service, to keep praying Christians informed of issues that face our society, as well as bringing new reports to us in a concise format from around the world.

The service is provided free with the offer of making donations toward this vital service.

For more information or to subscribe to the service visit


Europe’s First Internet only TV Channel launches, promising to focus on prayer mobilization.

Hugh Jackman stepped out in faith at the end of March, launching FaithGlobe TV, an internet only Christian TV station.

The Channel, can be accessed by visiting through any computer internet connection.  The picture quality is simply amazing, with the player automatically adjusting the speed of transmission, between broadband and a normal 56k modem.

The channel is providing a 24 hour schedule from 1st July, and has great teaching on Prophetic and Prayer Ministry.  Viewers will also be able to enjoy watching 3 minute prayer time on with the channel already airing some 25 episodes on their main schedule. the people behind Premier Radio London, has also started broadcasting using the same technology system on May 9th.

So things are hotting up in the technology market and prayer is a central focus to this exciting new technology. 

Thousands of Christians Offer Up Wailing Prayer for North Korea

According to a recent report in the Christian Post, a "Wailing Prayer Meeting" was held at Youngnak Presbyterian Church in Seoul, South Korea, bringing thousands of Believers ready to contend in prayer for the plight of their neighbor to the north.

Elizabeth Batha, international advocate of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, commented, "Ninety-nine years ago North Korea was a center for revival and many of the mega churches in South Korea that are looked to as examples of church growth around the world were planted by those flee ing from North Korea."

"Now is the time to raise up a concert of prayer that will see that blessing flood back into North Korea," Batha added.

The meeting, attended by Koreans and non-Koreans alike was held Feb.28th through March 1st as a prelude to this summer's Global Prayer Campaign for North Korea, to be held in June.

Dr. Yonggi Cho, senior pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church in South Korea said, "We have been praying fervently for North Korea for many decades now, specifically praying for the peaceful unification of the two Koreas. We have many young pastors preparing for the ministry who are planning to enter North Korea when this door is open."

"It would be deeply appreciated if you would join us in prayer for North Korea," added Cho, "God is not willing that any should perish without Him."

Aimee Herd reporting
(Breaking Christian News)

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