This article was originally published in Edition (6) of Prayer Magazine,  Apr-Jun 2006.

Just Worship Celtic Prayer is a wonderfully evocative, sensitively produced DVD. It has something to say, whether you are contemplating how to begin your journey of discovery into Celtic Spirituality, or have like my wife and I you’ve been on this path for some time.

My Wife and I went through all ten sections in one sitting, using the little pauses as we progressed for section to section, to comment on what we had just seen. While this may not have been the intended approach for using this DVD, I can honestly say that from the agreeable nods and comments during the short, but informative historical sections covering Lindisfarne and Early Irish Christianity through to the deeper sessions on worship and prayer we simple became more inspired. Each section runs from around two and a half minutes at the shortest to the longest at eight minutes providing a useful starting point for meditation.

Progressively, I found myself being stirred to worship, as I began to experience familiar feelings as deep began to call onto deep.

Celtic Spirituality, as is revealed on the DVD, involves all five senses. This will certainly be your experience, as you listen to the poetic Celtic prayers and haunting local Celtic music, while you are treated to various inspiring, dramatic views of the stunning Lindisfarne landscape.

Most people see Celtic Spirituality as a journey, a path, if you like, not dissimilar indeed to the Celtic knots so skilfully demonstrated in the DVD.  It doesn’t really matter if your are simply an interested beginner, dipping your toe in this vast pool of  rich spiritual experience, or your ready for the deeper waters, this DVD is worth adding to your collection.

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