This article was originally published in Edition (16) of Prayer Magazine, Jan 2009.

About 20 years ago Wayne Hilsden, his wife and small family arrived in Israel from Canada. They joined another couple from Canada and started a Bible study in down town Jerusalem. The Bible Study grew into a congregation and for over twenty years they met in the YMC Concert Hall, in King David’s Street in Jerusalem.  

A few years ago the King of Kings Congregation acquired a former movie theatre in Jerusalem. Known as the Pavilion it is come to the King of Kings community congregational and it also serves the body of Christ across the land of Israel.

As well as the Pavilion the community also has its own Prayer Tower. Wayne Hilsden senior pastor of the King of Kings Assembly says the Prayer Tower came about during a personal retreat in September 2005. When he was seeking the Lord concerning the next chapter of their ministry, he sensed in his spirit the Lord was saying build a Prayer Centre. He recalls the Lord was specific in his guidance – the top floor of the building, which was the 17th floor of the commercial complex. This used to house the Pavilion and shopping complex. They discovered the penthouse floor was empty and they began to develop a prayer tower on the site – it has panoramic views of the city of Jerusalem, the old city, the Mount of Olives and the mountains of Jordan in the distance; on the other side are windows facing towards the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) and the Supreme Court. Wayne says it’s like being on the walls of Jerusalem-they watch and pray from this location. They are now operating 24 hours a day with constant prayer and worship going on. Visitors come from all over the world to join them and to see the marvelous views of Jerusalem.

One of the many answers to prayer has been to see the eyes of the Orthodox community being opened. “Some have even made their way to the Prayer tower”, says Wayne. During our prayer time some of the Orthodox Jews walked into our prayer time. It’s a sign God is about to open their eyes – remember Jesus said to the religious leaders in Jerusalem you will not see me again until you say blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Psalm 118 :26

Remembering Isaiah chapter 2, which says ‘my house shall be a house of prayer for all nations’, they adopted the patter of Daniel who prayed three times a day. They began using this pattern of prayer when the house of Prayer first started, and it gradually has grown into 24/7 prayer. The themes of the different watches which begin at 6am range from praying for the Aliyah (return) of the Jewish people to Israel, following the formation of the Israeli state some sixty years ago, to praying for Jerusalem using the prophetic scriptures from Isaiah 60 – that Jerusalem will become a light to the nations and fulfil her destiny. They also pray for the Messianic believers in the land who often face persecution once they become believers.

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