This article was originally published in Edition (7) of Prayer Magazine,  Jul-Sep 2006.

There’s not many times a CD catches you from the first song, and even less times, when you get to know the performer.  Heather started to travel to Israel a few years ago and wanted to put a CD together of songs for Israel, that would bless the people there.

If I’m honest so much material passes by my desk, I had played the CD for a few weeks, until I felt a bit convicted in a way, I had promised to listen and I hadn’t.  I also don’t know what I was expecting, but when I played the first song I was captivated.

The amazing fact about this CD is that the wording is not scripted, but sung, according to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and Heather sings her part like an Angel.

The arrangement was worked out before hand, and then Heather in just a few hours of being at the studio recorded most of the songs as she felt led by the Lord.

So if you want to listen to something refreshing and new, then this is the CD for you, simple melodic background music with a completely fresh song of the Lord being sung by someone with a voice like and Angel – what more can I say.

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