This article was originally published in Edition (9) of Prayer Magazine,  Jan-Mar 2007.

Reviewing Prayer and Meditation CD’s can be a bit challenging when often the content doesn’t live upto the extrvagent title.  I was a bit apprehensive with this CD have the title Encounter with God.   So slowly placing the CD into the player, I was almost holding my breathe to see if the content and the title would in fact be at war with one another.

I must within moment of playing the Shalom Prayer (Track 1), I found myself in tears, the soft background music can always gently carry you to a place a peace, but more than that the profound depth of the spoken text of the prayer itself was overwhelming. 

The rest of the CD follows in the same vein, with a very though provoking, cut no corners approach to life, everyone who hears this CD will find a gift from God, it truly brings listeners to a place where they can have an Encounter with God.

I highly recommend this CD to you.

REVIEW By Richard Treacy, Ordained Minister, Church of Ireland

Available From

Maranatha Community

102 Irlam Road, Flixton, Manchester, M41 6JT   Telephone 0161 747 5672

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