This article was originally published in Edition (4) of Prayer Magazine, Autumn 2005.

It’s a case of progress, progress and more progress for the incredible Delta Force 33K vision to see a prayer warrior army of 33,000 raised up to pray the Rhondda Valleys in South Wales into wholesale community transformation.

When Prayer Magazine caught up with Delta Force director Phil Davies, he told us, “We’ve been thrilled with the leap forward. In the last three months, we’ve seen the Delta Force grow to 4,816 prayer warriors from an incredible 34 countries around the world including our first prayer partners from Pakistan and the Netherlands. In Rhondda, we’ve added two more Prayer Houses and another Village Prayer Co-ordinator, whilst internationally, we’ve now got national prayer co-ordinators in Rwanda, South Africa, Ghana, and three in Tanzania”.

The international flavour has been further added to with the first Delta Force Conference.

Phil said, “Who would have thought that the day would come when people in East Africa would gather for a Prayer Conference in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania with the sole purpose of bringing our vision for community transformation that bit nearer?  It seems so incredible that sometimes I have to pinch myself”.

On the 4th & 5th July, in the Catholic compound on the outskirts of the Tanzanian capital, Pastor John Bullock led what forever will be the first Delta Force Conference in East Africa. It was indeed, a time when history was made. Pastor John told us, ““It was a truly amazing time. I was humbled to see our four national prayer co-ordinators and dozens of prayer partners gathering for the purpose of praying for the Rhondda Valleys which, from where we were standing, was more than five thousand miles away!”

The four national prayer co-ordinators, three of them pastors, had travelled long and far to get to Dar Es Salaam. Indeed, Pastor Jean Damascene had spent more than two days on various buses making the twelve hundred mile journey from Rwanda! 

But it seems all four felt that the hardship of travel and time away from the family was well worth it. In an e-mail to Phil, Raphael Mhando who is also Elim’s National Youth General Secretary for Tanzania, said, “It was wonderful to learn from Pastor John at the conference and our understanding of God’s amazing plans for the Rhondda Valleys is so much greater and our role much clearer. We had a great time and we are grateful to all in Wales who made the conference possible”.

Phil said, “The Dar Es Salaam Conference was the first but it certainly won’t be the last. We have an 18-strong team leaving for Tanzania next month and one of the key reasons for the visit is the second Delta Force Conference which will be held 13th-16th October in the city of Tanga, Tanzania. It looks like more than 500 of our East African prayer partners will be attending”.

Pastor John told us, “Whilst I was at the first conference in Dar Es Salaam and hearing first hand about the prayers that are going up and the many prayer meetings that are now regularly taking place all over Tanzania and Rwanda I had a definite sense that our dream is coming to pass. Every session got a great response. We patiently communicated in English what God had placed on our heart and then, hearing what had been said interpreted into Swahili was amazing – who would have thought it? Our whole time together carried a great sense of occasion and to see the big hearts of those who are working as our co-ordinators and their enthusiasm towards their task was just fantastic; inspiring and so encouraging. God is really doing it!”

So in Tanga next month it’ll be more of the same and then, next June, the third Delta Force Conference will be held in Rhondda and some of the Delta Force national prayer co-ordinators will be guests of honour, able to experience for themselves the place they serve with such distinction.

Phil said, “God’s given us a vision to see a mighty prayer warrior army of 33,000 people mobilised from all over the world. The significance of the number is that there are 33,000 homes in Rhondda so, imagine it; every home prayed for every day! We know it’s going to happen”.

God’s given the men of Rhondda a vision. He’s given them a big heart. And what’s more, through the tie-up between the Sporting Marvels (see and Delta Force visions, He’s given them a strategy. Come Lord Jesus!

For further information or to become a Delta Force prayer partner, call 01443 442013.


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